So, what does d4t4v1z mean?

Some of You might wonder what this strange “d4t4v1z” means. You might think, that my forehead just hit the keyboard when I ordered a Domain name. Short answer is NO! 😉 Maybe You think, that this is some kind of a abbreviation for something like “Did flight travels for various onehanded Zen-Masters.” That´s also wrong, sorry! Some of You might have guessed it already: “d4tav1z” stands for “DATAVIZ”, which is a combination of “Data Visualization” an Vizardry. Not that I would call me a Data Vizard – I´m far from beeing that. It´s more a…

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Open Data on the Web

Finding an interesting data set and a story it tells can be the most difficult part of producing an infographic or data visualization. Data visualization is the end artifact, but it involves multiple steps – finding reliable data, getting the data in the right format, cleaning it up (an often underestimated step in the amount of time it takes!) and then finding the story you will eventually visualize. Following is a list useful resources for finding data. Your needs will vary from one project to…

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So You really want to share Your stuff online?

GitHub has established itself as the premier place for developers to show off and share their programs. Unfortunately for Windows users, most of its focus has been on Unix and Unix-alike platforms. This is not surprising given that it is based on the Git distributed version control system, written by Linus Torvalds to coordinate development of Linux. The fine folks at GitHub have been remedying this by improving coordination with Windows. This includes providing a free desktop Git client for Windows, the focus of this…

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New watch

Late in the afternoon my horse, which had been standing with dragging rein before the cave, started slowly down the trail, evidently in search of food and water, and I was left alone with my mysterious unknown companion and the dead body of my friend, which lay just within my range of vision upon the ledge where I had placed it in the early morning. From then until possibly midnight all was silence, the silence of the dead; then, suddenly, the awful moan of the…

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