So, what does d4t4v1z mean?

Some of You might wonder what this strange "d4t4v1z" means.
You might think, that my forehead just hit the keyboard when I ordered a Domain name. Short answer is NO! 😉

Maybe You think, that this is some kind of a abbreviation for something like "Did flight travels for various onehanded Zen-Masters." That´s also wrong, sorry!

Some of You might have guessed it already: "d4t4v1z" stands for "DATAVIZ", which is a combination of "Data" an "Vizardry". Not that I would call me a Data Vizard - I´m far from beeing that. It´s more a hint or reminder, that You can do magic things with data.

And befor someone tells me that this is no real Leetspeak: I know, that´s not even "simple Leetspeak". That´s just my personal relaxed interpretation of leetspeak and a reasonable compromise between real leetspeak and readability.

And just for the curious:

  • basic leet for dataviz would have been "d474v1z"
  • the advanced leet version; |)474\\/!2
  • ultimate leet: |)4+4\\/!7_

O.k., I hope You like the name anway and it will stay easily in Your mind. I´m quite sure now: You don´t have to ask Yourself again "What was the name of this website again?" Stay tuned!

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